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630024, Russian Federatoin, Novosibirsk,
Sibiryakov-Gvardeitsev street, 50
5 December 2017

Completed production of customized equipment under the international project with Shamaldysai Hydroelectric Power Station.

Today Tyazhstankohydropress delivered a crane carriage for one of the customers from St. Petersburg. Specific feature of this project is the weight of the construction - over 50 ton.

To enable transportation to the customer by road track the carriage will be divided on two parts with special technology and delivered to customers' location in Kyrgyz Republic to be mounted.

Crane carriage is a component of an international project on custom equipment manufacturing for Shamaldysai Hydroelectric Power Station.

Tyazhstankohydropress   is the enterprise on the territory of the Russian Federation that has a capability to manufacture in-house heavy duty machines and presses and customized nonstandard large and heavy weight equipment and products using its own engineering documentation.