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630024, Russian Federatoin, Novosibirsk,
Sibiryakov-Gvardeitsev street, 50

Banking details of PAO Tyazhstankohydropress

On this page you may find complete information about the company including banking details

# Subject Data
1 Recipient PAO Tyazhstankohydropress a publicly held company under the laws of the Russian Federation
2 Individual Taxpayer Number 5403101628
3 Reason for Registration Code (KPP) 540301001
4 Full name of beneficiary bank
Siberian bank of Sberbank of the Russian Federation
5 City
6 Account type
Transaction account
7 Account number
8 BIC 045004641
9 Correspondent account 30101810500000000641
10 Manager of PAO Tyazhstankohydropress
General Director Nikolay Stepakin